Moses - Prayer Team, Morning Gathering

Why do you serve?
It's a great opportunity to get to know people in my congregation. Specifically with prayer team, praying with someone is one of the most intimate expressions, and the prayer circle is a vulnerable, honest space that I am usually in. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with someone on a level that might not be possible otherwise. And I see God answer prayers — it strengthens my faith and others’ faith.


Marty - The Village Kids Ministry, Morning Gathering

Can you describe something God has shown you during your time serving?
There was a little boy a few years back that had lost his infant brother, and the family was really struggling. That particular day, we were drawing a picture of our family and he was just crying the entire time. And of course, just being there for him and the other kids was the hardest thing ever — but just being there and present is one of the most rewarding and best parts of the job. Love is really the best thing we can give to those kids — unfiltered love.


Sam - Usher, Morning Gathering

What do you see as your team’s goal on Sundays, and how do you accomplish that together?

Our goal is to make this a welcoming space for people. The way we do that is praying beforehand that the Spirit would be present, and our hearts would be open, and within the team that we’d be real and genuine with each other. We are unified to help people feel and experience Jesus as we serve.


Kelly - Usher, Evening Gathering

What’s your favorite thing about serving?

Being able to welcome people into church.  You never know where someone is coming from when they walk in those doors. I hope everyone that visits Reality knows they are welcomed just as they are.  


Phil - Service Coordinator, Evening Gathering

What has it been like to serve together with your team?

I can honestly say, I would not be where I am in my relationship with God if it weren’t for my team. Part of it is knowing others are there, and there is so much beauty in being able to work alongside someone in the presence of God. And to do that with people that are so dedicated — I love that. I love seeing that in our team.


Jon - AV Team, Evening Service

Can you describe something God has shown you during your time serving?

I am a small part of the larger body of Christ, both at Reality as well as the larger Church. I see God working. He uses our unique gifts to serve His Church and will provide when things don't come out as we plan it.